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We've lots of links to insert here - and we'll include many more of them here Real Soon Now !.
Here are some links which we consider appropriate to the contents of these web pages - and many of these sites also cross-reference very many other sites... All suggestions welcome !. If any links don't work correctly for you, please let us know:

www.RegmagiK.com Recommended Registry Utility
http://Langa.com/index.html Highly Recommended Newsletter
http://www.infopackets.com Highly Recommended Newsletter
Assembler Programming:
Time Dilation - Crouch-Echlin:
Mike Echlin (Take the "Time Dilation" link)
Jace Crouch One of the TD discoverers
Elmbronze Ltd Dave Eastabrook - TD Tools, many links
Time Dilation - Others:
Intel - Summary Very good summary
Intel - Comments Good
Intel - Tech Paper Detailed paper, 125k, PDF, very good
Intel - TD Example ?? PC Week Comments - Inadvertent examples of TD ??
Intel - 810 Chipset A brief Intel reference to a TD-like problem - in their very own chipset! Ooppsss, Intel's page has moved or disappeared as of late '99. If you find it, please let us know.
RighTime Tom Becker - Excellent details / tools
Mr. Harlan Smith Some concise comments from Harlan (RIP)
Mr. Harlan Smith ...ditto...(alternative URL)...
Paradox-DOS sites:
Corel Current Manufacturers
Borland / Inprise Main PDoxDOS developers (after Ansa !)
Diamond SG Steve Green & Co - PDoxDOS experts
EMS Possible source of older PDoxDOS products
FMS Great PDoxDOS tools - still available
Ray Summerlin Some useful Procs
Turbo Pascal / Runtime Error 200 / "Divide by 0":
Dr. J R Stockton Excellent comments and many relevant links on this topic.
Someone has REALLY annoyed you ? <g>:
Flamed ? Not for the timid !. Don't visit !. Just send that someone there.
How NOT to design a Web site ? <g>:
Annoying Web Pages ?  Some interesting advice from Stevyn Pompelio
How NOT to write Software ? <g>:
Unmaintainable Code ?  Some excellent advice from Roedy Green and others

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