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Orders/Registration may be placed for any/all of the following items:
Y2K Patches (Paradox, etc)

In all cases, you'll need to identify exactly what you require, and to switch to the Secured server to submit your order. If you proceed with an order there, you'll need to complete the order form, and submit it to the server. We'll be informed in due course. However, in the off-chance that your order does not reach us, we'd appreciate if you'd also contact us with a brief note confirming your order.
If you have any problems or queries with the SSL service, please let us know, and, perhaps also inform the SSL provider. Thank you

Go to the SSL Order Form

(Link awaiting activation. Our ISP does not currently support SSL - we are awaiting that support; if it does not emerge, we will consider alternatives, including PayPAL, etc. Meanwhile, please accept our apologies, and please email us with any Orders).

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