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This is just a convenient locater of the download options at this site. Additional details on each product are available on other pages. (See Download Instructions for some general downloading comments).
Program: Notes:
LesSpace.zip Current (latest) Shareware release. (Details)
LessNew.zip Beta release of Lesspace, if available. (Details)
LessUpdt.zip Update Registered Users to latest version. (Details)
AWARDmjk.zip Correct Y2K Date errors on AWARD BIOS 4.5x. (Details)
DoRun.zip Wrapper for the RUN command in PDoxDOS, under NT/W2K/XP. (Details)
OpLocks.zip REG File, to update most Opportunistic-Locking settings. (Details)
NetDump.zip Investigate the contents of NET file(s).
LockDump.zip Investigate the contents of LCK file(s).
PatchCRT.zip Adjust for RunTime/CPU speed errors on fast CPUs. (Details)
BDE-4GB.zip Rick Kelly's 4GB fix, and associated files/notes. Check with each author for the latest version(s).

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