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 What's New - Web Updates
Brief details of the most recent additions and changes to the site are listed here. If you've visited the site before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. The most recent changes are at the top.
Date Summary
Feb, 2011 Minor tweaks to some pages.
Feb, 2009 Minor tweaks to the Printing notes in the Old-Apps section.
Jun, 2008 Minor tweaks to a few pages, including Old-Apps.
Feb, 2008 Minor tweaks to the Old-Apps pages.
All, 2007 No major updates; minor numerous minor updates, mainly to the Old-Apps and Anti-Spyware pages
Nov, 2006 More trivial updates to Anti-Spyware notes and Old-Apps notes (BDE, etc).
Aug, 2006 Trivial updates; additional comments on some Anti-Spyware products.
July, 2006 Trivial updates, few additional "downloads" available.
Mar, 2006 Installed a "Forum" option!! Something to play with - might even be useful some day!
Jan, 2006 Tweaks to the Old-Apps and Anti-spyware pages.
Jan-Dec, 2005 Frequent minor updates to the "OldApps" and "AntiSpyware" pages. Include "BDE-4GB-Fix" in the Downloads.
Dec, 2004 Version 3.6 of Lesspace (/T option for Tecras; few small revisions in "PatchCRT" and "Old-Apps".
March, 2004 Version 3.5 of Lesspace (/Mn option to repair the UserName() Function in Paradox-DOS).
July, 2002 Version 3.4 of Lesspace (auto-repair of internal filenames with embedded spaces, /Z option).
Feb, 2002 Version 3.3 of Lesspace (fix for If-File-Exist under Win-2000, and the /N command-line option).
Jan, 2002 Removed the Compuserve contact info - which was in use since Jan 1989 !!
Nov, 2001 Version 3.2 of Lesspace (problems with XCOPY, and the /W command-line option).
Aug, 2001 Updated PatchCRT. Notes re PKZIP (Spanning) and Lesspace.
June, 2000 Added some links to TD/Y2K essays from Mr. Harlan Smith (RIP).
May, 2000 Some tidy-up on the Home-Page. Slight changes of colour, etc... Addition of comprehensive Time-Dilation report from Mr. Michael O'Connor.
Mar, 2000 Few comments on TD/Y2K observations (or lack of !). UPGRADE utility for Lesspace. And something somewhat less serious.
Feb, 2000 Q&A users of Lesspace - Install problems ?.
Dec 18, 1999 Some additional comments to the Paradox-Y2K notes (incl. Paradox-Graphing).
Dec 2, 1999 Initial attempts at handling the Secured Ordering facility. Included the Lesspace costs - apologies for their prior omission.
Nov 4, 1999 Added some comments on the AWARD 2094/2095 Test/Fix utility.
Lesspace ver 3.0 Released !.
Oct 23, 1999 Included the "Privacy Statement", and extended the Copyright note. Inserted some additional pricing details on the Paradox-Y2K mods. Some UnZIPper sites listed.
Oct 18, 1999 Very minor updates, some colour changes (better, worse, ?)
Sep 12, 1999 Some minor clean-ups (others still pending). Included a new "DownLoads" link.
Aug 10, 1999 Initial Up-Load of the site. Some sections still incomplete (eg, Orders, Links).
May, 1999 Initial web design

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