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Lesspace is a Shareware MS-DOS software product, which loads as a TSR, and which facilitates the running of older DOS products on very large Hard Drives - local or networked (eg, 2Gb, 4Gb, etc). Without this TSR, the app would not understand the large HDD space parameters, and would not operate correctly. In some situations, apps cannot even start on the large drives; in other situations, apps run seemingly correctly, but are mis-reading the drive space-specs, and could crash at any time. This program hides the true size of the HDD, though it does not prevent access to and use of the entire HDD capacity. Programs which exhibit this behaviour include PARADOX (DOS), Q&A, versions of WordPerfect, etc. More...

A freeware utility, which patches some older MS-DOS EXE files, to permit them to run on fast Pentium CPUs. The symptom is a Divide-by-Zero error, or a Runtime Error 200 message. The preferred solution is to re-build the app with more up-to-date software modules (if source code is available), or to seek a re-build of the app with updated internal modules. More...

This utility addresses a Y2K problem on PCs with some versions of AWARD BIOSes. These PCs will not operate successfully after the year changes to 2000 (or above). When switched on, or re-booted, the year in the PC will jump from 20xx to something like 2095. Without some correcting software (such as this utility), this invalid date will be retained, and may cause serious problems with date-dependent applications. Of course, the correct date could be manually entered at every boot !. More...

We've seen reports that Award/Phoenix are working on some utilities to test PCs for this 2095 problem, and which will repair it !. Heck, if they provide some good stuff, and, hopefully, for free, then don't waste your time here !.

Update: This fix is now available at their site, and should be investigated. (See some additional comments in the AwardMJK page here).

Paradox (DOS):
Paradox (DOS) 3.5, 4.0x, and 4.5 are Y2K compliant, internally. We have tried to comment on some of the main external Y2K issues which a user might review. Perhaps also check at the Corel site (and in the Paradox newsgroups) for additional commentary.

We've also tried to explain how the in-built Y2K behaviour of Paradox (and similar products) can be altered. More...

Old-Apps - Running older apps under Windows 2000 / Windows XP:
This is a long note covering many aspects of running older DOS and Win3x apps under later versions of Windows, especially under W2K and WinXP. The contents are based on numerous discussions on the Paradox-DOS newsgroups, Q&A discussions, etc, and on many tests which we have run on the later platforms. The notes are particularly focussed on Paradox-DOS apps, but most of the comments would apply to most older apps. More...

Re-Build/Repair Outlook-Express Message folders:
Some years ago, we had to repair damaged Outlook Express message "folders". And we had to repeat the process a few times since then. Furthermore, we've seen others asking for some guidelines on various News-Groups, so perhaps it's worth documenting what we did... More...

TD (Time Dilation, Time/Date Jumps):
Time Dilation, or the Crouch-Echlin effect, or Time/Date Jumps, has attracted much attention since late 1997. You should check other sites for fuller explanations and definitions of TD. Briefly, this effect applies to PCs, whereby the Date and/or Time on the PC sometimes appears to jump, usually forward, and usually at boot time. If/when this happens, it may be significant for the applications on the PC, if these are date-sensitive, and if the jump is substantial, such as a number of months (or years !). If the jump is not observed and corrected quickly by a user, then date-restricted software could misbehave, or accounting programs confuse Period-End processing, etc.

In this site, we present some views on TD, some criticisms, some test results...maybe even some answers... More...

Mr. Michael O'Connor - Full TD Report:
Mr. Michael O'Connor has studied TD in depth, and has prepared a very full report on his findings. Except where stated in his report, I have had no involvement in his study and analysis. His report is available on this site, and elsewhere, and I'm glad to host his report here. If you're interested in a full analysis of TD, I recommend that you click here...

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